Why Did I get Infected?

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WHY DID I GET INFECTED?  The reason is money; you are being targeted for the extraction of your money. The means may be simply a ransom to “remove the block on your computer” or by an attack on your bank accounts and credit cards. Each year the money lost to internet and wire (banking) fraud is greater than that spent on the top three smuggled drugs worldwide!

HOW: Currently more than 50% of all infections are the result of not having the latest version of Java running on your computer. Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash represent another 35% with Internet Explorer and other weaknesses in the Windows operating system being responsible for most of the rest.

While these are the mechanisms by which you became open to attack, you also had to click on a link within an email or visit an infected website. Infected Websites are common and are the result of weak or out of date web hosting software. Or, often it is a two step process, you downloaded a free web utility and it came with lots of extra and unwanted software which are euphemistically called PUP’s or Potentially Unwanted Programs. One of these PUP’s might create a link toward an infected website..

A new vector for infection is a phone call from a “Microsoft, Dell or Your ISP” which invites you to allow the caller to remote into your computer to “fix” something. Usually this is a straight forward request for payment but often a PUP is installed which compromises your computer. None of these organizations are at all likely to contact you on your computer or by telephone and ask for money: Homeland Security, The Justice Department, The FBI, Microsoft, Dell, Your ISP, etc.

Top Warning Signs that you are very vulnerable to infection:

  1. Java, Adobe and Flash programs are out of date (not the current version).
  2. Simple passwords of 8 or less characters.
  3. Toolbars appear unexpectedly (Just say NO to ALL toolbars)
  4. Someone you don’t know is allowed to remote into your computer.
  5. Microsoft Updates are seldom allowed.
  6. Free web utilities, especially game “helps” and DVD movie ripping programs, are downloaded.
  7. You click on links inside emails that you did not expect (hover over the link with your cursor, do the two URL’s match? Does it take you to another country?)